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Dynamic Acuity

Designed by Sports Medicine vision scientists, this program presents moving targets that flash Snellen letters for recognition. Measures visual acuity for moving targets.

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Impaired Driving Simulator

A driving program with wheel and pedals showing a realistic driving scenario and with selectable blood alcohol levels. Shows first hand  how performance is degraded when drinking.

 Pocket Learning Tool

To learn language vocabulary, medical, legal or other professional terms and other material, use the prompt- response method in this program. Uses the paired associates method. Works on your desktop or PDA. Learn while waiting on lines. With voice recognition and sound for learning while walking and exercising. Input selected or your own lists.

Control Experiments

 We now offer Control Boxes that allow  programming and running operant and other experiments - no computer connection needed. They are micro controllers and easy to set up - all schedules, run dippers, dispensers, stimuli, etc.