Pellet Dispensers/Feeders

Model CP

Dispenses the Bio-Serv 1-gram primate pellet and similar sized treats such as Skittles. Positive delivery. Switch closure to start, pellet breaks light beam and stops drive motor. LSA innovated that design in 1975.

Model RM

Dispenses 20 mg to 45 mg Mouse or Rat pellets. Positive delivery.


Lquid Dipper

Liquid dipper for mice and rats. Servo actuated, smooth, with software for normal up or down, durations etc.


Model US

Small Universal feeder has 16 compartments that hold objects approximately 1.5x1.5 x4 inches such as apple slices, candy etc. Drum is 8 inches in diameter. Positive delivery. Vanes will turn until something is delivered. Vanes have anti-jamming slip clutch and vane assembly can be removed for easy cleaning.


Model UL

Large universal feeder has 16 compartments that hold objects approximately 3 x 3 x 5 inches such as pieces of meat, jerky, fruit, etc. Drum is 16 inches in diameter. Same positive delivery and cleaning features as model US. Priced by size.

Liquid dispensers are made to order - pumps and peristaltic types of various sizes.

Custom configurations and designs are available. Please email or call for prices, delivery, more pictures and further details.