Audio-Visual Sets

Basic Principles of NeuroscienceWilliam D. Willis, Jr., M.D. , James Blankenship, Ph.D. &
Richard E. Coggeshall, M.D.  Edited by H. M. Pinsker, Ph.D.

The BASIC PRINCIPLES OF NEUROSCIENCE program consists of 13 units divided into two series. Each unit contains approximately 50 color slides that are individually keyed to the 45-minute narrative (cassette). Each unit is subdivided into three or four sub-units that deal with specific topics. Introductory slides list the basic concepts to be explained in that sub-unit. The text directs the student's attention to the critical features of the slide and amplifies the principles that are graphically illustrated. The most important principles are repeated in different contexts to ensure mastery and generalization.

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 Introduction to Psychobiology

Edited by Verne C. Cox, Ph.D.

     In this audiovisual series, the authors/researchers cover areas of current importance in physiological psychology and the biology of behavior.  Methods, results and interpretations are presented in a lucid style suitable for undergraduate and graduate-level courses. The units may be used for lecture supplements or for individual study. Each of the 13 units contains approximately 30 color slides and a 45-minute cassette.

Cat. #2000               $485.00

Modular Lab Sessions for Physiological Psychology

Thomas B. Perera, Ph.D.   

    This series of modules, consisting of slides and cassettes, is designed to complement the lectures in an undergraduate or graduate-level course in physiological psychology. Each module covers a three-hour laboratory session and describes and shows in detail the procedures to be performed by each student group. The students work in pairs, alternating the responsibilities for the specific surgical procedures so that each student becomes competent in the performance of each procedure. Students carry out the laboratory procedures themselves after observing the slide presentations. The 12 modules have been used, tested and refined for many years at Barnard College. Each module is supplied with slides, cassette, a script, equipment lists, references, and names and addresses of equipment and supply vendors.  
(12 units) 16-44 slides each, cassettes.                                                              Cat. #3000              $395.00

Experiments in Human Memory
Picture and Word Slide Sets

Joan Gay Snodgrass, Ph.D. & Mary Vanderwart, Ph.D.

     This unique set of slides of pictures of common concepts and their word labels is provided for experiments on cognitive processing of pictorial and verbal material. The slide set is particularly useful to teachers of courses in cognition and memory. An instructional guide accompanying the slide set illustrates several detailed experiments on memory at various levels of complexity. The slides are also especially useful to experienced investigators of picture and word processing.    See JEP, Human Learning and Memory 1980, 174-215.  The slides are also available as digitized images.

Cat.# 4200 Pictures and Word Slide Set + Instructional Guide $600.00
Cat.# 4210 Picture Slides Only $300.00
Cat. #4220 Word Slides Only $300.00
Cat. #4211 Instructional Guide for Slides $15.00

     The Picture Slide Set (260 concepts) consists of line drawings rendered by a professional artist which conform to standardized conventions in representing the concepts pictorially. The Word Slide Set (260 concepts) consists of the most common name assigned to each of the corresponding pictures in a study using a group of undergraduate subjects. Normative data on several attributes of the pictures is also provided. These include mean ratings of visual complexity, familiarity and representativeness as judged by the undergraduate students.

     The following 15 conceptual categories are represented in the set (with the number of instances per category):