Experiments in Human Memory
Programs and Pictures

Joan Gay Snodgrass & Jin Fan

     Since 1980 a set of pictures, designed and standardized by Professor Joan G. Snodgrass of New York University, has been in use as stimuli for experiments in human memory. Standardization statistics for these pictures were originally published in the Journal of Experimental Psychology: Human Learning and Memory, 1980, Vol. 6, No2, 174-215.

     These images are available from LSA in film, print or electronic form or as rights to reproduce the images in your instrument, screen or test. There is also a suite consisting of a) the pictures themselves, b) fragmented pictures at eight levels, c) programs for presenting the pictures and recording and analyzing data obtained from the presentations. These materials are suitable for memory research and clinical screens, instruction, laboratory exercises and classroom demonstrations.


# 121 Horse - Unfragmented
Horse, fragmented, level 4

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