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NEW!   Psychology Experiments and Research  Cat # 500     Michael J. Beran, Ph.D.
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The experiments in this set allow learning the methods easily and offer opportunities for simple research. There is "on-line," immediate (right on the same screen) creation of data and clear simple functions relating stimulus properties to response properties. For example, if a participant responds "yes that line is longer than the other line” in a psychophysical task, a ball drops into the histogram bin corresponding to that line length to give immediate feedback to the participant. A few dozen trials, graphs, calculations and print-outs can be done in ten minutes and it would be hard to fail to see what went on, what the stimuli were, where the numbers came from and what they mean.

Students can choose independent variables such as gender or age and can have a dependent variable of performance on these tasks.

13 Programs, $295.00 or individually at $40.00.

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Cat # 410R  Stroop Research Version - $150.00
This research program offers extensive testing options to the researcher.
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410I  Stroop, Instructional Version - $75.00
This version will produce the Stroop Effect but with fewer choices of variables.
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411 4 Minute Stroop. - $75.00
This version has the Memory Load condition as in the Research Version and produces that form of stress. Timed to run for 4 minutes and subjects do not see results. They are saved for E.
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515 Receptive Field Assessment - $75.00
This program allows the user to assess various cells as to their specific receptive fields.
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