by Howard Topoff, Ph.D

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The dynamic frames in this series of multimedia "slides" will augment the instructor's presentation in a format that is impossible with static 35mm or overhead transparencies. Unlike other software, this medium is under your full control and pacing, and can be customized and keyed exactly to your courses. With a combination of movement, sound, color gradients, and animations, these slides -covering 26 topics of Introductory Psychology- allow the instructor to present concepts, data, and diagrams with a new dimension of pedagogy and technical excellence.

For example:
Subjective contours: Subjective contours evaporate before your eyes as the surrounding elements gradually separate or dissolve.
Illusions of motion: The Phi phenomenon is demonstrated, illustrating how the illusion of motion increases as the interval between light flashes decreases from 1.0 sec to 0.05 sec.
Depth perception: To demonstrate accommodation, the lens of the eye gradually increases in convexity as an object approaches, and then decreases in convexity as the object recedes.

     The twenty-six topical areas and number of slides are:

The following animations require the Macromedia Flash web browser plugin to be installed on your computer.

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In the program, the square moves in and out of the concentric circles clearly showing the effect of the context on the seen shape of the figure.

The full set of 540 slides is priced at $295.00. You may also choose your own subset from the groups listed - inquire for price.In either case, you can customize your presentation by selecting the number and sequence of slides to be used in a particular session or lecture. You can customize, edit and create new presentations by purchasing ASTOUND Ver. 2.0 at the special educational price of $99.00 for Macintosh and Windows computers. Life Science Associates can provide hardware, customization and consultation for your multimedia needs. Please inquire. Write, e-mail, call or fax for the full slide list and a demo disk. Cat. #850-I (IBM-Windows) or #850-M (Macintosh), $295.00 + $7.95 S&H.

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