STATS: Statistics Tutorials, Help, and Utilities

by Theodore Hirota, Ph.D.

University of Windsor


STATS is a set of user-friendly, menu driven programs that supplement college level statistics textbooks. They can be used for tutorials or for review.

The STATS1 and STATS2 programs provide text, color graphics, sound and animation to enhance the acquisition of statistical concepts at a student controlled pace. These two programs are a mini course in introductory statistics.

STATS 1 is at the introductory level - sample graphic:

STATS2 is at the intermediate level - sample graphic:


The CHEKMATE program provides computational checks during statistical analyses as problems are being learned.

HELPMATE allows the printing of templates for the statistical test procedures in STATS1 & STATS2. It helps students organize the steps involved in executing a test of significance.

WORKMATE is an interactive series of exercises on the concept of variables as taught in an introductory statistics course.

PSTAT cartoons wring humor - such as it is - from statistical symbols and terminology.

See the color afterimage imbedded in the Stats1 Graphical Analysis - Frequency Polygon topic

Price, the set: $75.00

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