Get Sharp, Stay Sharp (GSSS)

These workouts were selected from research on the cognitive fitness areas that keep one mentally alert. The program allows you to train and test yourself on these cognitive tasks. They are perception, attention, inhibition, planning, learning, and memory. After finishing each short unit, you will see how you performed and you can keep a record. Price is $195.00.
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260 Standardized Pictures & Associated Experiments


C. T. RANDT, M.D. & E. R. BROWN, Ph.D.
New York University Medical Center

          The Randt Memory Test was designed as a global survey and evaluation of mild-to-moderate memory loss in a variety of neurologically involved populations, including the elderly. Modules are included for evaluation of primary, rote, associative,discourse, and incidental memory functions as well as a general information module and a picture recognition and recall paradigm.
          The complete test takes 20-25 minutes to administer, plus an optional 5-minute follow-up 24 hours later by telephone or in person. It has been constructed with the limitations of memory-impaired patients in mind, i.e., the test is brief, simple, and concrete.
          A detailed normative base is included which contains component scores for 300 normals in seven 10-year age intervals, plus a clinical group of 80 patients. An eight-page paper covering the rationale is included with the test, and is also available on request.
          The Randt Memory Test is manually administered.The set includes test booklets with the five alternative forms, patient information form, and abbreviated instructions (10 copies); five sets of cards, each containing twenty-two 4" x 6" cards for the five alternative test forms of the picture recognition test (total 110 cards); and a manual with the test's rationale, detailed instructions for administration and scoring, plus the normative data. The administrator usually enters the responses in the test booklets provided.

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