Experiments in Human Memory
Programs and Pictures

Joan Gay Snodgrass & Jin Fan

     Since 1980 a set of pictures, designed and standardized by Professor Joan G. Snodgrass of New York University, has been in use as stimuli for experiments in human memory. Standardization statistics for these pictures were originally published in the Journal of Experimental Psychology: Human Learning and Memory, 1980, Vol. 6, No2, 174-215.

     These images are available from LSA in film, print or electronic form or as rights to reproduce the images in your instrument, screen or test. There is also a suite consisting of a) the pictures themselves, b) fragmented pictures at eight levels, c) programs for presenting the pictures and recording and analyzing data obtained from the presentations. These materials are suitable for memory research and clinical screens, instruction, laboratory exercises and classroom demonstrations.

  • 260 STANDARDIZED PICTURES. This set contains the standardized pictures and their norms. For IBM they are .tif files which can be shown within popular word processor programs such as Word, or with an included graphics program. For Macintosh the pictures are presented in a hypercard stack. For the PC individual pictures are available at $1.50 ea. with a minimum order of 75 slides, prints or files or for a license to reproduce the images( $1.50 for each reproduction with a minimum of 75).
    • NEW! High Resolution. For IBM, the pictures are offered on a CD in 3 folders each containing the 260 picures in jpg, tif and pct formats. The pct pictures are very high resolution about 7000 x 8000 dpi.
    • Email LSA for a sample of each format.
      Cat. # 4210-I (for IBM-Windows) or #4210-M (for Macintosh) $195.00 plus $7.95 S&H.
  • INSTRUCTIONAL GUIDE for use of Standardized Pictures for  Experiments in Human Memory. This guide describes in detail the experiments and procedures used in the contemporary study of human memory, with illustrations of the use of standardized pictures as stimuli.
    Cat. #4211-G  $15.00 plus $7.95 S&H.
  • EXPERIMENTS IN MEMORY FOR PICTURES AND WORDS.  The ten different kinds of memory experiments covered in the manual above are programmed for convenient administration by computer. They include both recall and recognition tests as well as tests of temporal and spatial order and use and include the 260 standardized pictures. A virtual library of paradigms, this set permits simple and sophisticated experimentation in human memory. 
    Cat. #4213-I (for IBM-Windows) or #4213-M (for Macintosh),  $295.00 plus $7.95 S&H.
  • FRAGPIX EXPERIMENTS.  This consists of a set of five programs using fragmented ( at 8 levels) pictures for such memory research as testing priming in implicit memory. The programs present a study set of 15 fragmented pictures and then a test set of 30 pictures (half old and half new). The programs differ in whether the study presentation is of a single level of fragmented image or the ascending method of limits and whether the response is typing the picture's name or clicking Yes/No buttons. The software includes five sets of 30 pictures so that repeated testing can be done.  [For a reference, see Snodgrass, J. G., Smith, B., Feenan, K., & Corwin, J. (1987). Fragmenting pictures on the Apple Macintosh computer for experimental and clinical applications. Behavior Research Methods, Instruments, & Computers , 19, 270-274.]
    Cat. #4214-I (for IBM-Windows) or #4214-M (for Macintosh),  $295.00 plus $7.95 S&H


# 121 Horse - Unfragmented

Horse, fragmented, level 4

  • ULTRAFRAG -Program to fragment any set of stimuli. This program permits an investigator to fragment any set of stimuli or pictures using the method described in Snodgrass et al. (1987) in which blocks of pixels are randomly deleted from the image.
    Cat. #4215-I (for IBM-Windows) for #4215-M (for Macintosh),  $95.00 plus $7.95 S&H.


  • Hard copy formats as well as 2"x2" slides are also available. Please inquire. LSA also publishes software in Experimental Psychology, Perception and Cognitive Rehabilitation including driving assessment. Let us know if you wish information.

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